Nova Scripts Central, Inc

Low Cost Medications through NOVA Scripts Central
Through our partnership with NOVA Scripts Central, our patients can benefit from low cost chronic illness medications. By working together, GPW Health Center and NOVA Scripts Central give access to medication and allow patients to receive education that is integral to their health, well-being and quality of life. The formulary includes thousands of medications and most of the medications have a 90 day supply available for just $5. Patients interested in the program can meet with our eligibility screeners at any of our 3 locations. For additional information please contact us at 703-680-7950 and ask to speak to our NOVA Scripts Central eligibility screeners.

Medication Refill Guidelines

GPW Health Center sends your prescription directly to your mail order and local pharmacy electronically to help you with your prescription request in an efficient and timely manner.

Due to the volume of prescription requests, we have the following guidelines:

1. Refills should be done at the time of your visit with your healthcare provider. This allows you to update us of any changes in your medication and tell us of any new or ongoing symptoms, if any.

2. It is your responsibility to make an appointment to get a refill.

3. Chronic care medication like for Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, Cholesterol etc. requires an office visit with your healthcare provider at least every 3 months.

4. In some rare situations this may not be possible; we may provide one month of refill based on your healthcare provider advise.

5. Refills will be processed within 72 hours of receipt of the request. Refill request received on Thursdays will be processed the beginning of the following week and will be completed by end of day Tuesday.

6. Mail order pharmacy refills requests require fourteen days (14) notification prior to due date.

 7. Any patient requesting new prescriptions or antibiotics must make an appointment with their healthcare provider.

8. We do not refill medication prescribed by other healthcare providers or specialist.

9. It is important to keep your scheduled appointment to receive refills timely. Repeated no shows or cancellations will result in a denial of refills.

10. If you have any questions regarding medications, please discuss these with your healthcare provider during your office appointment.

11. Some medications require prior authorization by insurance companies can take a week or longer. You will need to check with your pharmacy or insurance company for updates.

12. Patients calling for refills need to provide the following information:

a. Name

b. Date of birth

c. Medication name and dose (example Lipitor 20 mg, spelling of your medication)

d. Pharmacy name, location, and phone number

e. Daytime phone number in case we need to speak with you.

13. Prescriptions will be sent electronically to the pharmacy.

14. We do not provide refills for controlled medications. All such requests will be documented in the patient’s chart. Our providers participate in the Virginia prescription monitoring program.