About Us

Since opening ours doors in November 2007, Greater Prince William Community Health Center has seen and treated generations of patients of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The ability to serve such a diverse population connects us all to a greater community, allowing all of us to share in a richer history of valued traditions. Being part of a multi-ethnic community rich in diversity, culture, and tradition offers comfort and security to every member.

As you walk through our waiting room you will see that our Center has become part of a tradition for area residents who desire affordable high-quality healthcare for their whole family. You may see several generations together; such as a grandfather waiting for a diabetes follow-up while his adult daughter, who received prenatal care at the center, is waiting to see our dentist. This same grandfather may be holding his newborn grand-daughter who is asleep in his arms because she just received her first vaccines from our pediatrician. This same family may be waiting for grandma to finish her therapy session with one of our counselors who is helping her through symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

We are a constant source of comfort and security in many families’ lives. The Center provides a medical-home where, regardless of ethnic-, cultural-, or educational- background, all members feel valued and respected.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center is grateful to be part of the unique traditions within Prince William County, because we receive so much more than we give. We are proud to be part of this legacy which contributes to a greater community.